The Arcadia Difference

"Arcadia" is defined as a place of peace and simplicity; and that definition is the foundation of what Arcadia Brands represents. We understand the healing power in nature's purest form and it's why we'll always handcraft our medicinal edibles & products. We use a full-spectrum extraction process (solventless) by pressing organic cannabis flower/bud (always pesticide free) into a full spectrum extract that's used in our medicinals.

This method of extraction produces a more preserved, balanced, and effective medicine than that of its majority counterpart which are distillate infused products. Unlike most extraction processes that use gases or chemicals (CO2 or Butane) to produce their distillate products, Arcadia only uses heat/cold & pressure. Arcadia's full spectrum-solventless process creates an "entourage effect" because more of the whole plant is retained to provide a more balanced and superior result. Look for Arcadia's solventless gold seal to ensure you're getting a premium medicinal!

Arcadia Brands was founded in Arcadia, Oklahoma and is partially veteran owned, has a pharmacist on staff, and tests every batch of cannabis extract for quality and accuracy. We're Oklahoma's premiere solventless extraction company and we've partnered with a number of growers, along with products in hundreds of stores across Oklahoma. Consider purchasing your edibles from a brand born and built here in Oklahoma and one that only uses cannabis extract (never distillate) in a wide and diverse line of cannabis products.